Sengkang Methodist Children Centre (SKMCC)

Registration for year 2021(first come first served) kindly email to:

[email protected]


For SKMC members & members of Methodist churches. From 9th - 11th March 2020

Members of the public

Level Year of Birth Registration fee* Deposit (Non-refundable)*
Nursery 2017 $85.60 $375.00
K1 2016 $85.60 $349.00
K2 2015 $85.60 $332.60

* Non-refundable
* Offset against Term 4 school fees

Documents to bring for registration:

  1. Child's Birth Certificate (original & photocopy)
  2. Re-entry permit/Dependant pass
  3. Both parents' I/Cs (originals and photocopy)
  4. Immunization Record
  5. Registration fee & deposit (cheque or cash only)
  6. Authorised signatory for bank account or Baby Bonus Account (CDA) must be present to complete the GIRO forms.
  7. Parent are encouraged to bring their child along on the registration day for him/her to view the kindergarten environment. 


Click here for Enrolment Interest Form 



Welcome to Sengkang Methodist Children Centre (SKMCC) website!

SKMCC is a church operated pre-school centre registered with the Ministry of Education (MOE) and is an approved institution under the Baby Bonus Scheme.

SKMCC started operations in 2003 for the three levels - Nursery,  K1 and K2.