Having two children from SKMCC, as a parent, I can testify that SKMCC is not only a school that educates the children, it is also a place that nutures the little ones holistically, giving them the time, space and opportunity to achieve their potential. All these are made possible because of their firm and sound curriculum and their dedicated staff. Everyday is a meaningful learning day for my children. They are engaged in purposeful activities planned by the teachers. My children are very blessed to have wonderful teachers who are patient and  caring. They are concerned with the needs of the children and communicates effectively with the parents to understand the personality of each child. I am very thankful to SKMCC for making pre-school education so assuring and pleasant. SKMCC will always have a special place in our hearts.

                                                                                                              Mrs Annie Ong
                                                                                                                       Mother of Reuben Ong


We are glad to have chosen SKMCC for our children’s pre-school education.  We like the school’s all-rounded curriculum with a strong emphasis on building the right characters and values in young children.  The school compound is well run, clean and safe.  Teachers are very caring and we know the children are in good hands.  It always makes us happy when our children come back from school feeling happy and telling us they have enjoyed their day at school.  Principal Mrs. Gan and the teachers have been especially helpful and supportive in helping our children settle into school.  With their support, our children have adjusted well to school and have been able to participate, learn and grow.  We are greatly appreciative of that.  We highly recommend SKMCC to anyone looking for a good quality pre-school in the Seng Kang vicinity.

David & Callie Tan (Parents to Elton & Endrea Tan)

When I visited SKMCC first time, I found that pupils were enjoying their class with vibrant staffs under sound educational circumstances. Usually, Korean mothers select a kindergarten after due deliberation about school vision, curriculum and facilities because the kindergarten is the first chance for kids to start his schooling. However, I could make a decision without any hesitation as I met SKMCC, even nearby my house, fortunately.
I love SKMCC because of the following reasons.
1. Teachers in SKMCC are taking care of student with love. Teachers are recognizing everything about each kid during their class and inform it to parent even minor things. It makes parent feel comfortable and trustable.
2. Curriculums in SKMCC are well organized. My son has started English, Chinese and math in SKMCC and I am glad to see his gradual improvement. He is also learning about politeness, obedience and living habits, which are good for building an upright character.
3. There are various activities in SKMCC such as Art, PE, Music and Water Play to stimulate diverse senses. Field trips to various fields such as Science Center, Aviation Museum and Theatre were helpful and it might be pleasant experiences to pupils.
4. SKMCC works closely every parent. Various DIY kits are prepared for working with parent during weekend and regular news letters together with photos are provided for informing activities in school. School office is always open for any discussion about my kid.
I felt that SKMCC was my best choice for my son, Seojun. I am pleasant to see him enjoying his time in SKMCC and appreciate warm consideration of all staffs in SKMCC.

Kye Yu Jin (Cindy)
Mother of Lee Seojun

SKMCC is a place where my children (aged 4 and 6 respectively) love to be in. They look forward to go to school and many other children echo the feelings.
The school takes care of the all-rounded aspects of the children’s education:

  • Physically,
    where children feel safe and secure.
  • Emotionally,
    where teachers place a great emphasis on the children’s emotional health and are always caring. We have met great teachers who were nurturing and cared genuinely for my children well being.
  • Intellectually,
    the school uses well-research materials to deliver its curriculum. The teachers spark a love of learning in the children. The phonics programme, for instance, has taught my daughter to read by the end of her K1 year.
  • Spiritually,
    where God’s love is imparted, not because the teachers say so, but because the teachers demonstrate so.
  • Socially,
    where children learn to be thoughtful, kind, and all other good social behaviors. Character building is one of the greatest strength of the school.



 Mrs How
Mother of Charis & Jaeden How