Admission for any academic year is governed and stipulated by the Ministry of Education. Age is calculated based on 2 January of the year of admission.

  • Nursery: Year that the child turns 4
  • Kindergarten 1 (K1): Year that the child turns 5
  • Kindergarten 2 (K2): Year that the child turns 6


Enrolment period is usually in mid-April. Registrants are required to come personally to the kindergarten and bring along the following:

  • Child’s birth certificate – original and photocopy
  • Parents’ identity cards – original and photocopies
  • Cash or cheque to pay for registration fee ($64.20) and deposit ($353.10 for Nursery and $332.60 for K1 & K2)



  • Authorised signatory for bank account or Baby Bonus Account (CDA) must be present to complete the GIRO forms.
  • Parents are encouraged to bring their child along on the registration day for him/her to view the kindergarten environment.


 Click HERE for Giro and CDA Forms