Our play-based curriculum aims at developing the whole child and includes literacy, numeracy, art & craft, music & movement, physical exercises, civics & moral education and regular field trips.

Nursery, K1 and K2


  • English language – letters and words recognition, phonics, reading, rhymes, story-telling, oral skills and creative writing
  • Chinese language – recognizing Chinese characters, strokes writing, reading, rhymes, story-telling and oral skills
  • Mathematics – numer concepts, number recognition & arithmetic skills
  • Science and general knowledge
  • Arts & craft – exploration of colours, materials and different mediums
  • Physical exercises – cycling and gross motor skills development
  • Civics & moral education (through bible stories)
  • Learning centers (Learning through play)
  • Music & movement
  • Field trips
  • Coding and Robotics lessons 
  • Family Bonding Project work