Information about our fees is listed below:

Registration Non-Refundable $64.20* for all levels

Offset against T4 fees

$353.10* for Nursery
$332.60 for K1 & K2

Coding and Robotics programme 
is inclusive in the  curriculum 
Every Term

$1059.30* for Nursery
$997.80* for K1 & K2

Miscellaneous Every semester (6 mths) $80.25* for all levels  
Workbooks  Every semester (6 mths) $40.00 - $50.00* (approx)
English/Chinese Readers (Cash only) Annually $100.00*
Uniforms/ PE attire/ Cap 

$20 - $22 per set (U) / $21.40 per set (PE) / $8.56 a cap 


* All fees are current at time of publishing and are revised periodically. Any revision of fees will take effect in a new academic year.

Note: Payments for each term (which is made up of 10 weeks) will be made through GIRO to the kindergarten’s designated account.